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Rule #1:  When role playing, you can only control YOUR cat. For example, you cannot make another cat walk towards you when you call them.  

Rule #2:  Apply necessary self-censorship. You should not need to swear at any point in time. There's no swearing in the Warriors books, so we will carry that over to this RP site.

Rule #3:  No sex. Don't role play the events that occur before a kitting. Nobody wants to know; the she-cat had kits, end of story.

Rule #4:  Characters must behave like they would in Warriors books, or close to it. 

Rule #5:  Most important rule. No bullying on the site. Many children have committed suicide because of bullying, especially online bullying. There will be absolutely NO BULLYING ALLOWED.

Rule #6: You may only advertise your own site if an advertisement for the BlogClan roleplay site of the same size and viewership is established on the site.

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