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Popping In... Hi?

Posted by Frostfang on February 7, 2014 at 2:15 PM Comments comments (4)

I would have sent this by message to just the people I actually know on this site... but I only have 3 friends, and 1 of which probably already knows as I have texted her saying 'OH MY' in dismay. Anyway off topic.
Remember like a year ago yesterday? We had a massive problem with bandwidth and the site got closed down. Yeah a small problem, and I offered to pay premium to keep this site alive, this resulted in me becoming an admin, to some's dismay, anyway.This is my fault, because I should have cancelled it seeing as I don't come on here anymore, but yesterday £63, or $99 just got taken out of my bank account, to pay for this site to carry on. So you can all hate me for not coming on in well over 6 months, but you're welcome for me spending over £100 on this site in 2 years, so I do hope you're grateful, anyway. Bye.

The BlogClan Post: Issue #3

Posted by Copperclaw on October 27, 2013 at 6:00 PM Comments comments (6)


The Blogclan Post

Editor: Copperstar Staff: Hawkfeather, Rainsong, Echowish

A Word from the Editor

By Copperstar

Hello, BlogClan!

                My goodness, it is good to be back! As many of you know, The BlogClan Post suffered of a breif period of inactivity. However, we are back in buisness! With all-new staff, the issues to come will be excellent, I hope. Originally as a way to gain more subscribers, this issue (like the first one) is on the News section. But the descision has been made to keep the Post on the News page, as a better way to show all BlogClan members. Without further ado, the BlogClan Post awaits.



P.S.—Use The BlogClan Post profile to put your comments and such, please.

Pin-Post Monthly

By Echowish

As the fall awakens, September brings time for a new Pin-post festival. This month: Aliens! Blogclanners are put to the test when an alien space ship crashes onto Blogclan territory, and based on recent UFO sightings, there are more to come! What do these strange humanoids want with cats? Some claim that they were tested on aboard the spacecraft. Others came out of the release hatch half metal. Could it be possible that the aliens are attempting to create a new race out of our fellow clan mates? We may Soon find the truth about our distant neighbors.

In the haunting tension that lingers around camp, cats are forced together into alliances against the otherworldly visitors, bringing new love and bursts of confidence. Some choose to explore and investigate the mystery, knowing the consequences, ultimately, could be death. Others fight for their lives as captives aboard the UFOs. What will become of Blogclan? As we climb to the climax of this roleplay, we can only hope it's for the better. What comes next for our lovely feline friends? To find out, join us next month on Pinpost Monthly!

Editor's Note: While this article is a bit outdated, it still shows the past pin-post in a good light. This was Echowish's audition peice.

Interview: MarshClan with Sandywind

By Copperclaw

BlogClan Post: Hello, Sandywind! Welcome to the BlogClan Post interview. This is your first one, correct?

Sandywind: Yes, that's right.

BCP: Excellent! So, this is an interview about the Clan you and Shadowflame created: MarshClan. What can you tell the readers about this Clan's background?

SW: Hmm, it is a bit complicated. I started by thinking that the four original clans had been destroyed by some form of sickness or something. Only a few cats remained and the remnants of Riverclan and Shadowclan joined forces in order to survive (no idea what happened to Thunderclan and Windclan!) and they lived in the swampy river area. Because there were both Shadowclan and Riverclan cats, they decided to call themselves after their new territory- Marshclan.

BCP: And then they came after a flood to BlogClan lands, if my history is correct. Do you think they are as sucessful now as they were then?

SW: Ah, yes. The territory did flood, probably due to twolegs building a dam farther along the river. I'm not really sure what you mean by sucsessful? They certainly are thriving, dispite losing cats to the arena, battles with Blogclan, rogues, the Dusk Syndicate, etc. The nursery is full of kits, apprentices are being trained...life is good for them here.

BCP: So, we saw that Fishstar-- or shall I call her Fishtail now?-- resigned as leader to take care of kits, that were later revealed to be Ebonyfur's. How did this unlikley union happen? To the public's understanding, they didn't like each other much.

SW: Before leaving their old territory, Fishtail and Ebonyfur were apprentices together and had sort of a thing for each other. When they became warriors, Ebonyfur planned to ask her to be his mate- until Frogstar (the leader at the time and Ebonyfur's father) gave Fishtail an apprentice. Ebonyfur knew that the current deputy was very sick and close to death, and he wanted the position more than anything. When Fishtail was given Wolfpaw, the apprentice he needed in order to be named deputy, Ebonyfur turned against her and tried to make her look bad. This made Fishtail dislike him, and when she was made deputy the two constantly butted heads. When the territory flooded and they traveled into Blogclan looking for a new home, Ebonyfur would try to take control and act like a superior leader-type, knowing that Frogstar planned to replace Fishtail once he thought Ebonyfur was ready. Frogstar died before the new Marshclan territory was found, and Fishtail became Fishstar. Needless to say, when Fishstar appointed Foxfang deputy, Ebonyfur was not pleased. He tried to usurp her athority a few times, which led to a battle with Blogclan and the death of quite a few cats on both sides. This incident sobered him a little, as did recieving his own apprentice. There was still a spark between them, however, and once she saw that Ebonyfur was settling in and accepting his role as a warrior, Fishstar began to spend more time with him and soon the two became mates. Naturally he was surprised when she renounced her nine lives to raise their kits, especially since a few queens had died shortly after giving birth. She enjoys her new role as mother, and they were both pleased when Ebonyfur finally recieved the long coveted position as deputy.

BCP: That sounds so romantic. So, any future plots for MarshClan? Are you planning anything for these newcomers?

SW: Marshclan's new leader Raptorstar will have to decide that, but if Ebonyfur has anything to say about it they might possibly have some action. I think the arena is still going, so a future alliance with Blogclan could happen, an epic battle maybe? We'll see. Fishtail and Ebonyfur's kits will difinately have an interesting future. One of them is going to turn evil... I'm not saying which one!

BCP: Oh, that'll make for an excellent plot! So, what do you think MarshClan's role in the upcoming plot might be?

SW: The arena plot? Or is there another one in the wings? If it is the arena, then I think they will be fairly active. Unlike Blogclan, they have a very small amount of cats, so they have been decreased by quite a few since the kidnappings started. As I said, an alliance with Blogclan is quite probable.

BCP: Well, there is a plot forming, in which the Dark Forest invades BlogClan and MarshClan with the Syndicate's aid, and they rule the living world. Do you think that MarshClan will play a huge role in it?

SW: Oh wow, um, probably. I can't imagine them wanting to live under the Dark Forest's rule. If cats fight back against the dark siders then Marshclan will always join them. Of course that one kit mentioned earlier might end up involved. Can't be sure though.

BCP: Sounds very interesting. Thank you for the wonderful interview, but it's reached the conclusion. Happy roleplaying, Sandywind!

SW: Thank you very much! Bye!

BlogClan Today: A Summary of the Clan's Latest Happenings

By Echowish

​ With autumn creeping in and tinging the trees and leaves with golds, reds, and oranges, Blogclanners seem to have drifted away in the crisp breeze. Meaning of course, that they have put aside the thought of the oncoming rising of the Dark Forest. Our evil ancestors and former clanmates have been oddly silent, luring our heroes into a false sense of security, a calm before the storm. What have they been doing? Training? For all we know, when they strike, the Dark Forest could be stronger than any cat has ever seen them. Soon though, the clan will start training theirselves, preparing soldiers for battle.

​In the leisure time, love has been blossoming like flowers, from old time friendships confessing their love to brand new warriors falling under the spell for the first time. Hopefully, more love will mean more kits. Despite all the healthy young cats, there has been an absence of youngsters since the recent naming ceremony. However, apprentices are abundant, and so are warriors, thanks to the work put in by our medicine cats to keep the clan healthy, less cats have been retiring to the elder's den due to sickness.

​ Blogclan will have more exciting news to break in the future, what with the arrival of October's Pin-post and the further advancement of our new fandom pages, but I'm afraid I have to say Adios now. Join us next time on Blogclan Today!

New Fandom Roleplays

By Rainsong

Us BlogClanners aren't only fans of Warriors, or cats. There's a whole world of stuff out there to read or watch, not to mention a whole host of other creatures! That's why Dawnmist has added the 'Other Roleplays' category. There, you're free to add a topic, or contribute to an already existing one! A list of some so far:

Harry Potter Roleplay

Various Pokémon Stuffs

The Hunger Games

Camp Half-Blood

And many more!

To find out more about each one, go to 'Other Roleplays' and check them out!

The Wheel of Life

By Rainsong

Minkkit- she-cat born to Brightflower and ??

Badgerkit- a tom born to Kestrelsun and Gustheart

Hazelkit- a she-cat born to Fawnstep and Grizzlyclaw

The Dead Ones

Rosepaw- death by cave-in (Oh, StarClan, why?)

Fawnstep- death by overstrained heart during kitting (SHE HAD HER WHOLE LIFE IN FRONT OF HER!)

Author's Note: Keep in mind, no one PM-ed, so these are just the ones we are aware of.


The BlogClan Post Riddle

By Rainsong

A mystery in all my forms,

Yet still the same inside,

My hair and face and body change,

It's really fun to think of!

My cat is named for a hazelnut concoction,

And my patronus is rather ironic.

And that concludes the BlogClan Post! See you next time!

Important Computer Saftey Information

Posted by Copperclaw on July 29, 2013 at 7:25 PM Comments comments (13)

This information regards computer saftey.

Some members of BlogClan have been affected by a virus, apparently from this website. However, it seems that this virus stems from all Webs websites, not just this one.

Please regard the following tips for your computer's saftey:

  1. Don't panic, not everyone is being affected by this.
  2. Report immedeatley if your computer is shut down by the virus, if possible.
  3. Use any virus protection or virus sweep program that you have.
  4. Be wary of use of this and other Webs websites outside of the device you normally use.  For example, try not to use this website on a friend's computer unless you know it hasn't been affected by the virus. Even so, e wary of use of Webs websites on the devices of other people.
  5. Even if you haven't been affected yet, be careful and pay attention to signs of viruses in your device or i that of others.

Don't worry, this has not affected everyone, just a number of people. Be safe, use virus protection programs, and you'll be fine. Thank you for your time.

The BlogClan Post: Issue #1

Posted by Copperclaw on July 15, 2013 at 7:40 AM Comments comments (39)

The Blogclan Post

Editor: Ashstorm Staff: Hawkfeather and Copperstar

 A Word from the Editor

By Ashstorm

Hello, BlogClan!

                Welcome to the very first issue of The BlogClan Post, the Clan’s newest way to serve up entertainment. The goal of The Post’s news team is to provide news from all aspects of BlogClan Roleplay. We hope you enjoy reading this as much as we have enjoyed putting it together.

                Have you ever gone on a trip and missed out on roleplay? Are you unsure of what’s going on in an area of roleplay that you aren’t familiar with? Do you want to advertise mates and mentors? Or do you simply want to share your writing with your Clanmates in a more efficient way?

                Whether or not you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, the BlogClan Post is for you! Every issue, we will shed light on scandalous and dangerous happenings. Important plots and local news of the Clans (and other groups) will also be shared. And, so we don’t bore you to death, we’re including riddles, guest articles, and interviews. For those who want to be heard and participate in The Post, guest articles are what you’re looking for!

                For more information on guest articles, riddles, interviews, and more, be sure to check out The BlogClan Post’s roleplay profile.

                Because this is the inaugural post, we come at a very important crossroads. This issue is posted on the News page, but we don’t want to publish every issue on here. To assist with this, we are planning to distribute our issues by PM. If you want to receive future issues of The BlogClan Post (fresh off the keyboard), please “subscribe” by sending a PM to The BlogClan Post roleplay profile.

                The BlogClan Post is all about roleplay, the people that roleplay, and the cats that are roleplayed. We hope that you subscribe to The Post, whether or not you’re so enthusiastic about it. We’re looking to add much more, so please keep in touch, because you never know when it will be your moment to shine!

                With many thanks, and hopes for the best,



P.S.—Use The BlogClan Post profile to put your comments and such, please.


BlogClan’s First Birthday

By Copperclaw

                Many of the members on this BlogClan Roleplay site were on the old website, created by Rockclaw.  But many were not.

                The story of BlogClan roleplay began long ago on June 26th, 2012. Rockclaw, a once-avid commenter on Kate Cary’s Blog (the original BlogClan) , stated that he created a roleplay website for BlogClan cats.

                It had a rocky beginning. Members were scarce and the deputy of BlogClan wasn’t even there. Elections were held as to who would be temporary deputy until the deputy finally joined. Plots were mixed-up, arguments started and it was a mess.

                By the second month, however, the roleplay site members learned to coexist peacefully and enjoy themselves. There were arguments still, but few and far in between. Around December came the Oscats, and at the same time came one of the questions that was most asked and most dismissed.

                What will we do without administrators?

                Both of them on the old site, Rockclaw and Hazelburrow, were basically MIA. The deputy, medicine cat, and leader decided that they needed to move to a new website, with new control, so that the roleplay could be much more efficient. That triggered the mass PM that was to decide whether or not to create a new site.

                There were people against the idea of change, but the vast majority of BlogClan supported it. Hazelburrow, after a long period of disappearance, came on and tried to create a new website. However, it wasn’t a success and the idea was trashed, much to his anger. Dawnmist proposed a website made with the Webs program, which took off well.

                That same website is where BlogClan is now.

                There was a rocky start here as well—bandwidth problems and straggling members who refused to leave the old site. After sorting out these problems, however, along with Frostfang so generously volunteering to pay for more bandwidth, BlogClan became a success.

                Nobody knows what is in the future for BlogClan, whether it be more bandwidth trouble, arguments, or whatnot, but for now, the seas are clear and the RP site is both active and fun.


Scandal: HoneyXCoal

By Hawkfeather

Many apprentices form close relationships in their kit hood, but very few take it this far.

Honeypaw and Coalpaw, seem to be average apprentices correct? Wrong! These two have gotten into a little bit of trouble. As many of the apprentices have noticed, they have shared a close relationship since kit hood. Most would say they are quite close on a more “personal” level. So personal that is has resulted in...Kits!

That's not a typo. Honeypaw recently found out she is expecting Coalpaw's kits. Honeypaw could hardly believe this. She couldn't be having kits, she was only an apprentice! As she told Coalpaw the news, he was at first delighted. Coalpaw didn't exactly get the entire picture of the situation until Honeypaw explained the issue.

As anyone can see, this was quite a problem for the two. Lucky for them, they were nearing the end of their apprenticeship and would be made into warriors soon, which is the only thing that really saved them from the entire clan finding out. They cut it real close though, because the newly made warrior Honeysong gave birth only few days afterwards.

Coalblaze and Honeysong are currently happy with a family of their own. Now they face a different problem. They haven't even told their parents that they were together, let alone told them that they have kits now. Only time will tell what will happen to the young lovers of Blogclan and their kits. For now everything seems to being going well, but can the clan expect more scandalous secrets?


Danger Zone: Catnapping, Arena of Death

By Copperstar

In the forest, cats disappear all the time, whether it’s for a journey or for a well-needed break. It’s nothing new.

                But what happens when the disappearances become more and more common?

                Concern has started to bubble within the ranks of the Syndicate, MarshClan, BlogClan, and even kittypets and loners. Where, and why, are these cats being taken?

                There is only one answer: The Arena.

                Two of our members, Birdsong and Shadowflame, recently started a Hunger Games- like plot that involves the dangerous, merciless Spartans. Hades, the leader of the Spartans, has been capturing cats of every affiliation, imprisoning them in the Abandoned Twoleg Nest, their headquarters. Black-furred, scentless troopers meet them there to take the tributes.

                But who really are the Spartans?

                They are a group of ruthless cats, living under a set of harsh codes. They are not allowed to finish a battle without the death of their opponents and cannot have any weakness, including falling in love. Notable members of this elite group include Hades, Poseidon, Hephaestus, Hestia, Persephone, and Hera.

                Only one question is never answered. Who are the Troopers? All that is known about them is that they come from the Twoleg city. These expert fighters, with no scent and black fur, make the arena happen. They take the tributes that the Spartans have given them in a bid for life and peg them against each other in a constant fight to the death, in their famed Arena. The winner of the bloodbath is guaranteed never to return to the deadly games, and even earns a wavering, slight safety for their Clanmates or fellow recruits. The Spartans supply, the Troopers spare the Spartans. Seems like all fun and games, even though everyone gets hurt.

                The arena is filling up. All will die but one. Who will win?


Wheel of Life

By Hawkfeather

We’re about to tell you what old hag finally died and what king of the kits was finally born. Since everyone loves kits we shall start off with the little youngsters. Note: not all kits and deaths are listed.

The Born...

Lightningkit: a tom born to Robinplume and Breezestorm

Cardnialkit: Another tom born to Robinplume and Breezestorm

Rosekit: A she-cat born to Robinplume and Breezestorm

Troutkit: A tom born to Hawkflight and Rowanleaf

Oceankit: A tom born to Hawkflight and Rowanleaf

Venuskit: A she-cat born to Starrynight and Midnightsun

Lokkit: A tom born to Starrynight and Midnightsun

Umbrakit: A she-cat born to Starrynight and Midnightsun

Sparkkit: A tom born to

Aspenkit: A she-cat born to Redmist and Ruinfur

Minnowkit: A she-cat born to Olivesong and Fang

Hunterkit: A tom born to Sorrelnight and Sapclaw

Sleetkit: A she-cat born to Olivesong and Fang

Mallardkit: A tom born to Sorrelnight and Sapclaw

Gladekit: A tom born to Sorrelnight and Sapclaw

Specklekit: A she-cat born to unknown, raised by Robinplume and Breezestorm

Wavekit: A she-cat born to Olivesong and Sapclaw

Hailkit: A she-cat born to Olivesong and Sapclaw

Twilightkit: A she-cat born to Coalblaze and Honeysong

Midnightkit: A tom born to Gold and Ice

Seakit: A she-kit born to Coalblaze and Honeysong

Amberkit: A she-kit born to Almondfrost and Owlflight

Raven: A she-kit born to Ice and Gold


And now for the newly dead we have these fine felines of Blogclan.


Greyfox: A tom who died from drowning. (Oh that's an awful way to die)

Softlily: A she-cat who had her throat slit. (Oh what fun)

Sorrelnight: A she-cat who died giving birth (Oh the horror!)

Dawnmist: Blogclan’s medicine cat, who died having her life energy sucked by Aurora (Oh, it should have been me!)



By Ashstorm

I recently met up with Dawnmist and we had an interview about her newest plot, concerning Dawnmist, the medicine cat, and the mysterious kit, Aurora. Here’s how it went down:

Ashstorm -- Hey, Dawnmist! Can you take some time to answer a few questions? First of all, who is Aurora?

Dawnmist -- Hello. Aurora is a mystery. There's no evidence of who or where she came from, nor of how she came to be on the moor; she doesn't even smell like any other cat. She seems to be in an everlasting coma at the moment, but is growing stronger each day. As of yet, she has no personality, but is relatively pretty and has some sort of effect on other organisms, insects in particular.

A-- Very interesting. How does she have an "effect" on insects?

D-- They go a bit loopy around her. Watch out for ant parades and butterfly invasions!

A-- Haha! So, that's Aurora? Well, I still don't see how she has an effect on Dawnmist. Dawnmist isn't an insect, right?

D-- No, but Aurora needs to somehow obtain all the energy she isn't getting from food, doesn't she?

A-- Wait. So, you're telling me that Dawnmist's energy is being taken by Aurora?

D--Yep. She's like a big feline parasite.

A-- Wow, that's a great plot. Is this the spectacular ending you're planning for the loyal medicine cat of Blogclan? Or will Dawnmist stick around for a little while after this?

D-- That's the end, I'm afraid. But Dawnmist will be around in StarClan for any cat who needs her. In fact, if you look into the etymology of the name 'Aurora', you may find a few little 'coincidences'.

A-- I'm sure you'll have all of Blogclan searching for those answers. Now that we know what's cooking for Dawnmist, we all have one question; What's next for our wonderful Aurora?

D-- Well, Aurora will wake - that's for sure. But as for the future, no spoilers!

A-- Well, can't blame me for trying. Anything you can spare, for the people of Blogclan? Any little thing?

D-- Just to watch out for crazy insects! Aurora's no ordinary cat.

A-- Well, if that's it. Well, thank you very much for the interview! Good luck with your plot!

D-- Thank you :3



By Copperclaw

I was born in BlogClan

Quite some time ago

But now my heart has broken

More than I can show.


I once loved a she-cat,

And she had loved me too,

But when she went away,

I was the bluest of the blue.


So I wondered why she left:

My pelt was greasy, never clean.

But then I fell in love again

And she fell in love with me.


Now the first cat’s back and I am

In a predicament,

Both had kits and now I weep

For I feel repent.


Cat Two still loves me,

For happiness I try,

But now my kits ask the question

That I ask you: Who am I?


Thank You! We Hope You Enjoyed!


Posted by Copperclaw on April 20, 2013 at 10:45 AM Comments comments (27)

After Hawkfeather stated that she was withdrawing from the deputy position, a new deputy had to be chosen.

That is why Rainsong will be roleplaying our new deputy! :D She has chosen Robinplume to become the deputy. Congratulations!!!


BlogClan 2

Posted by Copperclaw on March 24, 2013 at 1:15 PM Comments comments (10)

Okay, as many of you know, the BlogClan photo album is crashing. Taht is because of a picture excess. To fix this, there is a new album: BlogClan 2. Please, don't post any photos to BlogClan anymore and start posting them on BlogClan 2.


Posted by Copperclaw on March 9, 2013 at 6:30 PM Comments comments (18)

After Ashstorm left, I decided that the new deputy will be, drumroll please....

Goldenheart! :D

Congratulations, Hawkfeather, and enjoy RP-ing the deputy.


Woot woot!

Posted by Copperclaw on February 19, 2013 at 7:05 PM Comments comments (26)

Okay, people. After some severe technical difficulties yesterday (Webs was down), we are back in buisness!!!!!

If you turn up as an account that isn't you own: try to go to a different page. If that does not work, please, try to sign out and sign in again as yourself. And please don't snoop in inboxes!!!!

Notify me or any other admin immedeatley! Thank you!

Keyboard cat

Back on Track!

Posted by DawnMarryMe on February 5, 2013 at 12:00 PM Comments comments (27)


 Hey everyone! We're back! 

 And some news: Frosty is now an admin. She's agreed to pay half and half with me for the site, so I hope you'll agree with me when I say that it's a deserved position. Thanks Frosty :)




 (I apologise, Frosty, but I couldn't find any picture of Slytherins looking cheerful for some reason...)

We've purchased an enhanced packaged, meaning we get 25GB per month. At the moment we're on 8.2, so go wild! :D 


I found this though:



New Rule!

Posted by Copperclaw on January 20, 2013 at 11:30 AM Comments comments (33)

Okay, guys, the admins agreed on a new rule.

 Rule #6: You cannot advertise your site on this website without advertising this RP site (BlogClan Roleplay) on that site.

Please follow this rule or all advertising concerning your site will be terminated.You have to put up advertisement for our sites by 1/23/12. All sites will be checked on this day. If you are not willing to advertise BlogClan roleplay on that site, you cannot advertise your own site here. Also, your friends or other people who go on that site cannot advertise either.

Advertising includes putting links or talking about the site on signatures, profiles, comments/posts, or in any other sense (including PMs)

Thank you. :)


Oops! This site has expired.

If you are the site owner, please renew your premium subscription or contact support.